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Oracle Application Framework (OAF)

1. Introduction to Oracle Applications and OAF

  • Oracle Applications Framework.
  • Necessary to use OAF in Oracle Apps.
  • OAF Process Flow.
  • More about OAF.
  • Advantages of OAF.
  • Difference between OAF/Oracle Forms.
  • Difference between OAF/ADF.
  • Prerequisites for learning OAF.
  • Roles and Responsibilities in OAF.

2. MVC Architecture

  • Overview of the Model.
  • Overview of the View.
  • Overview of the Controller.
  • Onion Structure.
  • BC4J File structure.

3. Java Basics

  • Class and Objects.
  • Methods.
  • Java Data types.
  • Using Java syntax in OAF.

4. Sample Exercises

  • Create Simple page.
  • Create Regions and Items page.
  • Display Exceptions page.
  • Swapping the value from one field to another field.
  • Display images on the Page.
  • Create Automatic search by using query region with LOV Concept
  • Create Result Base Search by using query region.
  • Create Manual Search.

5. Real Time Project on Custom Module

  • Creating Search page with validations.
  • Real time Create page with validations.
  • Real time Master Details page.
  • time Update page.
  • Real Time Delete page.
  • Calling Oracle APIS in OAF page.
  • Calling SQL Statements in OAF Page.
  • Cascade Delete Example.
  • Dynamically display update page
  • Dynamically display details page.
  • Usage hash map and Serializations.
  • Display Dialog page.
  • Debugging OAF code.

6. Real Time Validations

  • Compare Two Dates.
  • Compare Two Numbers.
  • Partial Page Rendering (PPR).
  • Usage of SPEL.
  • Dependent LOV.
  • Dependent Pop list.
  • Dynamically Enable Disable fields/Buttons.
  • Dynamically Display Colors.
  • Restrict special characters in the field.
  • Display Upper case and Lower case letters.
  • Display Graph with calculations.
  • Dynamic calculations.
  • ID value storing.

7. OAFPersonalization

  • Personalization Levels.
  • Create the new items,dropping,required,rearranging,disabling.
  • Deleting personalization.
  • Disabling personalization.

8. OAF Extensions

  • Real-time scenario on VO Extension in I Supplier and I Procurements.
  • Real-time scenario on CO Extensions.
  • Example on AM Extension.
  • Example on EO Extension.
  • Debugging OAF code on the server.
  • Deleting the extensions.

9. Real Time project on OAF Extensions and Personalization

  • Modifications on Buyers work order pages in I suppliers.
  • Modification on I Suppliers Registration page.
  • Creating new LOV in Seeded oracle I supplier page.
  • Creating new pop list in Seeded oracle procurement page.
  • Modifications on Payment Manager Enquiry in AP Module.
  • I Procurement Extensions for Non Catalog Requisitions.
  • CRM Module Depot Repair Extension
  • Retail Marketing Activity Report OAF Page Development in Project Accounting and AR Module

10. OAF Deployment

  • Deploy pages in oracle apps server by using xml importer script and register in oracle Apps.
  • Deploy bc4j extensions in oracle apps server by jpx importer script.
  • Overview of MDS and JDR Utilities and tables
  • 11. OAF Advanced Exercises

  • Display Flex Fields(DFF and KFF).
  • Real Time Example on Train Region.
  • Real Time Example on HGrid.
  • Real Time Example on Switcher.
  • Real Time Example on Subtabs.
  • Calling XML/BI Publisher Report from OAF page.