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XML/BIP Reports

1. BIP Introduction

  • BIP Architecture
  • Difference between RDF and Data Template
  • BIP Features

2. Basic BIP Report Development

  • Develop XML Data Template
  • Design RTF Data Template (Layout)
  • Create Concurrent Program Definition and Parameters
  • Register Report Data Definition
  • Register Report Data Template
  • Making Data Groups
  • Creating Repeating Frame (Master/Detail)
  • Calling PL/SQL Stored Procedures
  • Runninga Report

3. PL/SQL BIP Report

  • Generating XML data based on PL/SQL stored procedure
  • Design RTF Layout
  • Run the BIP Report

4. AR Invoice Print Report

  • Developing Invoice Report as per real time Requirement

5. Sales Order Print Report

  • Developing Invoice Report as per real time Requirement

6. Triggers

  • Before Report Trigger
  • After Report Trigger

7. Multi Layout Concept

  • Design XML Data Template
  • Design Multi Layouts in RTF
  • Develop PL/SQL Package
  • Call layout based on the parameter

8. Data Formatting

  • Use Data Triggers
  • Use Formatting Methods
  • Use Multi-Layout Concept
  • Calling PL/SQL stored procedures from Data Template
  • Formatting the data fields
  • Calculations in RTF Layout
  • IF condition and Decode usage in RTF Layout
  • Summary/Formulae Columns
  • Restrict No. of Rows per page
  • Getting Total No. of records per group
  • Distributing data to 2 side by side tables

9. Submit BIP Reportfrom PL/SQL

  • Create a PL/SQL Package
  • Submit Adding Data Layout
  • Submit BIP Concurrent Program

10. XML Bursting

  • Create XML Bursting Control File
  • Calling Bursting program from PL/SQL

11. eText Format Report Development

  • Create Data Template
  • Design eText RTF Layout

12. Bar Coding Report

  • How to generate Bar-coded Fields

13. AIM Report documents

  • MD-50 Functional Document
  • Preparing Understanding Document
  • Md-70 Technical Document

14. Customizing a Oracle Seeded/Standard Report

  • Modify Standard XML Data Template
  • Modify Standard RTF Layout